Test & Commission

Testing is an extremely important procedure on which the success of every project we commit to is totally dependant.

In line with our ISO 9001:2015 quality management procedures, testing begins on the arrival of the first materials from our suppliers at the start a new project. At this stage most of the materials are for the offsite construction works in our workshops.

Ongoing testing continues throughout each stage of construction, if a part fails during the assembly, it is replaced with new part, we do not repair and refit on new projects. On completion, the finished workshop build is rigorously tested against the equipment manufacturers performance and safety specification before delivery to the customers premises.

At the customers premises, the installation of all the cabling infrastructure connecting to the various apparatus around the premises will have been completed and thoroughly tested, in readiness for connection to the workshop build part of the project.

The whole system installation then undergoes final testing before handover to the customer.

The outcome of this process is that IVC will have delivered a high quality system to the customer, with minimum interruption.