System Design

In todays’ digital world, IVC approach every aspect of Audio and Visual systems design from both a functional and artistic point of view, in the challenge to exceed the customers expectation. The functional element provides the operational aspects of the system and artistic element provides the visual impact. We are seeing more and more ways to apply digital technologies to more and more devices in healthcare, the workplace, classroom, transport, theatres, leisure and stadiums, in fact, in every aspect of our daily lives.

The design of each system is unique to its application, challenging the designer to completely understand the vision of each customer. In this respect, a considerable amount of time is devoted to research into the feasibility of the customers functionality criteria, the performance and availability of the requisite materials, the condition of your existing IT network which will carry the AV system to the end points and of course, proof of concept that the whole system when installed, will at least meet, or exceed the customers’ expectations.

If your IT network does not meet the switching and bandwidth standards required to carry the additional AV services, we can work with your IT engineers to bring your network up to the required standards or if funds are available design and install in collaboration with you IT engineers, a new optical fibre/ethernet that will deliver all of your AV/IT into the foreseeable future.