Project Managment

Project Management (PM) is the heartbeat of every AV/IT system installation, no more so than on the very large and complex projects.

From the moment it is established a project is of a size and/or complexity to demand a PM, the PM is appointed. This is often at the system design stage where the PM’s input is vital when considering onsite operational, environmental and CDM related issues, which may influence aspects of the proposed system design.

Upon completion and sign off of the system design, the PM takes ownership for the delivery of the project, in budget and on time. Day one begins by reviewing the materials schedules and delivery times, followed by a system overview meeting with the workshop technicians who will construct the offsite elements of the system. The PM will oversee the day to day build process, ensuring the highest standards of workmanship, ongoing testing, performance and safety of the specified materials are adhered to under our ISO 9001: 2015 quality control system.

In parallel with this, the PM will also oversee the onsite cabling installation commencing with an overview meeting of the works to be completed by our CTS qualified installation team(s). This will include ensuring the highest quality workmanship, compliance with health and safety regulations and all operational rules relevant to the environment they are working in.

The PM is also responsible for the overall quality, safety and performance of the system as per the specification and handover to the customer.