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Digital Signage and Display Boards and LED Video Walls

The champion of AV; Digital Signage.

Digital Signage is the most powerful way to deliver interactive communications across any organisation. Whether streaming company announcements, information or stock updates, showcasing promotions and offers, using interactive wayfinding to guide customers, visitors and employees around your business. Our intuitive digital signage solutions will bring you and your audience closer and give you an edge over your competitors.

Digital signage comprises the display of real-time information on electronic devices such as LCD panels, and AV projectors. It allows content from various sources to be displayed simultaneously, which can be customised or standard, across as many display devices as required.

As well as creating a strong high visual impact for organisations, digital signage display screens can help produce tangible return on investment too, in areas such as:

  • Money and time efficiency – digital signage eliminates unnecessary workload. Removing the cost, waiting time and resource associated with printing. Content can be updated easily and instantly and scheduled for appropriate times.
  • Suggestive selling – digital signage allows for upselling. Additional content and deals can be scheduled to run whilst customers queue in line for their order or are waiting in the reception area.
  • Impulse ordering – digital signage is perfect for the promotion of new or under-performing items, thanks to the high-impact visuals it creates. Prompting people to order, even when they weren’t planning on.
  • Interactive – digital signage and interactivity is now a key tool in modern day organisations. Restaurants for example, are using digital technology to enhance the overall customer
    experience, by giving customers digital menu boards and touch screen displays to browse menus and wine lists whilst they wait, easing the additional waiting times.

At IVC technologies we work with trusted partners, Tripleplay and their TripleSign technology to provide seamless, visual communications to our customers.

We have digital signage solutions proven and working across numerous environments including one of the largest digital signage deployments nationwide, AELTC Wimbledon, where we have 110 video streams broadcasting to 2000 display screens, including presentation of point-of-sale promotions, global enterprise communications, consolidation and distribution of information, hospitality communications, employee relations, public and visitor information, interactive kiosks, health safety bulletins and more.

Digital signage solutions provided by IVC Technologies includes:

  • Outdoor digital signage
  • Interactive digital signage
  • LED display boards
  • Digital menu boards
  • Digital signage display advertising
  • Digital billboards
  • Event signs
  • Point of sale for retail
  • Electronic notice boards

IVC can transform your communication environment through dynamic messaging, quick customisation and cost-saving delivery to reach your target audience.