The successful on time and in budget completion of every audio visual system installation, is totally dependent on the design meeting the customers agreed specification, the offsite workshop build being exactly as the design drawings and the onsite conditions meeting all the requirements necessary to achieve a successful installation. Failure to meet any of these conditions will inevitably create problems, impacting on budgets and completion dates.

On day one, an IVC Project Manager is appointed to oversee the entire life cycle of the project, starting with a complete technical understanding of the system design followed by commencement of the workshop system construction.  Our workshop technicians are all trained to the equipment manufacturers requisite standards to install their products. Managed by our PM and ISO9001:2015 quality system, ongoing testing and inspection procedures continue throughout the build stage to ensure compliance with all system safety and performance standards. Following final overall testing, the customer and/or their consultant are invited to witness test the system before delivery to site.

Onsite, our CTS qualified installation staff overseen by our PM, will have installed all the specified cables in readiness for connection to the ex workshops new headend and premises wide systems devices. If the installation is carried out on a construction site then our engineers will have the requisite certification for construction site working and on arrival, will be made aware of all the site rules, in particular Health and Safety, before commencing.

If the installation is to be carried out in an occupied building, our PM will visit the site and provide the customer with an overview of the works and agree procedures, by which the works will be carried out by our staff experienced in working in such environments, taking particular care towards the health and safety of the buildings occupants.

On completion, the system will undergo final testing and sign off, followed by customer staff training.