A good system design needs to cover all aspects of your Audio Visual solution, whether it’s a small to medium size installation requirement, or a much larger, more complex project. IVC are very well qualified to provide very creative AV system design and build options for customers, where the size of their solution would not be deemed financially economical to engage with a specialist AV consultant.

Major organisations requiring substantial AV systems will invariably engage with a specialist AV consultant to design the appropriate system that meets the customers more complex requirements. Once the design is completed, the AV consultant will hand the design over to the customers preferred integrator. At this point the integrator will become responsible for the consultants’ design and any future, ongoing necessary design changes identified during the installation process.

There are of course a few variations to this AV industry procedure, but in all cases, the ultimate aim of both the AV consultant and the integrator working together, is to exceed the customers’ expectations.