Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke audio visual solutions are our favourite challenge. The need for bespoke types of AV systems can be found mostly in ageing heritage and historic buildings as well as in ultra-modern steel and glass buildings. And almost without exception, the number one priority during discussions at the system design stage, is aesthetics.


Good audible sound is the major problem so at IVC we try to turn the major aesthetic problems, loud speakers and display screens, into an artistic architectural form that blends in with their individual surroundings. Depending on available budgets we can bring in a specialist acoustician to map the building and identify optimum fixing positions for loudspeakers that eliminate possible reverberation problems. In very large spaces where latency is an issue, software can be developed to solve this problem.

Where necessary, the loud speaker housings can be stripped off and refitted into custom built housings that creatively blend in with the surroundings at each position if necessary. As an enhancement, we can also provide a custom designed audio induction loop to assist people with hearing difficulties. The routing of this for optimum performance, can also be determined by the acoustician.

Where display screens are required, they cannot be stripped down and re-engineered in the same way as the loud speakers however, they can be fitted with innovative architectural surrounds to blend them in at each location and in some cases, doors can be fitted to close them off when not on use. Sun light levels can be the biggest problem when fitting display screens into steel and glass buildings, the best solution to this problem is to install window blinds if that is physically possible.