Bespoke AV Solutions

Bespoke Audio Visual Solutions and Installations

Our experienced team of CTS-D qualified designers have been with us since day one.

Working closely with our trusted AV partners and vendors over the past 25 years, we have shaped the design and functionality of many hybrid, bespoke AV solutions as well as developed world first projects in AV.

This includes one of the first AV over IP solutions ever deployed. Installing a complete fiber optic network to transmit live TV, video on demand and Audio across the entire Tortuga Beach Resort.

One size does not fit all.

Off the shelf audio visual technologies have their place, but when faced with the challenges of installing them into aging architecture, aesthetically they are not always the best fit. Our re-engineering service allows us to overcome these challenges in environments such as world heritage buildings, modern steel, glass buildings and private homes.

Our commitment to the best environmental practice means we work to the highest industry standards. Always seeking new ways to reduce running costs and the environmental impact of the AV systems and designs we innovate.