AV / IT Integrated Networks

At the dawn of the digital age, almost 100% of the worlds audio visual equipment manufacturers commenced manufacturing an entire new range of digital AV products to what is known today, as the IP (internet protocol) addressable standard. This provided the opportunity for the AV systems designers to abandon the previous requirement of a dedicated AV cable network, in favour of integrating the new digital AV system onto the customers’ existing IT infrastructure.


There was and still are, objections to this arrangement. Primary objections are the security of the network being compromised by the integration of the AV system and the limitations of the existing networks switching and configuration design. There is invariably a third problem, although the network performs perfectly for data distribution, it does not have the bandwidth capability to carry the AV services.

Where this problem arises, IVC can work with your IT engineers to bring your network up to the required standards. If this is not possible, we can, in collaboration with your IT engineers, design and install the latest generation fibre/ethernet that will deliver all your existing data services along with all the new AV services for the foreseeable future. In addition, low level power can be distributed (power over ethernet) POE, to remotely power devices located around the building that would otherwise require expensive local electrical power supplies.

Over recent years our AV/IT engineers have gained a lot of positive experience collaborating with customers inhouse IT engineers on networks ranging in size from a few hundred, to six thousand end points.