Audio Systems

PA and Background Audio Systems

With over 25 years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of background audio systems, we understand the vital challenges businesses face when ensuring crystal clear, intelligible audio is heard throughout the environment. At IVC we strive to add upmost value in two critical audio system applications:

  1. Helping clients to engage, communicate and convey their messages via with crystal clear audio in conference halls, lobby’s and customer engagement zones.
  2. Supporting clients in long lasting and impactful customer experiences for gyms, retail stores, show rooms, bars and restaurant.

However, challenging you perceive your space might be, we can help! Our audio system design engineers can run a careful analysis of your environment and its surroundings and come up with a seamless, bespoke audio solution that delivers on all of your objectives and more.

Audio over IP

Got a challenging space on your hands? Or perhaps you need to distribute audio across multiple locations? An audio over IP solution might be just what you need. Leveraging the existing IT infrastructure reduces installation costs, offers greater control, deeper integration and more flexibility, allowing audio systems to be scaled up and remotely managed.

Conferencing Systems

Audio intelligibility, ease of use and confidentiality are at the heart of every conferencing solution we design and install. Critical to the success of any meeting is clear audio, but many factors can affect a conference space – from connecting remote attendees, recording and streaming the sessions and hosting meetings across multiple languages.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless microphones are extremely versatile. They are used for a multitude of operations including delivering speech’s, presentations and training sessions, however, when not correctly maintained and manged they become the weak-link in any AV system. We work with the latest, cutting edge technology to ensure these interferences, licensing and user errors and more, are avoided at all costs.

Voice Lifting

Voice lifting technology is the future of audio conferencing. By installing specialist microphones in strategic locations, configured for the room use, it is possible to remove traditional microphones from meeting or conference spaces. This has many added benefits including freeing presenters, clearing more desk space and reducing set-up times and user errors – resulting in a truly seamless user experience.

Recording and streaming solutions

Recording meetings can be a legal requirement for many businesses but it can also offer a wide range of benefits to our customers too. From enabling meetings to be archived for internal use, training purposes and more, to being used as value-added content for PR and marketing teams.

Assisted Hearing

Ensuring audio is heard in that ‘crystal clear’ fashion by everyone involved, in almost every audio visual application, from reception spaces and meeting rooms to conference halls and customer engagement zones is one element. But maintaining audio integrity and confidentiality can be a challenge for some. Rest assured we have proven experience in this area, working with a wide range of hearing assisted technology across multiple sectors, enabling us to design and connect businesses with the very best solution for them.