Industry Insights

7 December 2022

Tripleplay Site Profiles Switching

Our longstanding partner and market leader in digital signage Tripleplay, has recently developed a new feature called Site Profiles Switching which allows instantaneous, seamless switching between digital signage profiles in multi-tenancy environments.

Site Profiles switching allows the look and feel of an entire digital estate to be changed at the click of a button. The feature has been developed for shared venues, conference centres and stadiums where different signage content is required to complement specific events or where separate stakeholders and brands manage a shared space at different times. However, the new functionality has several uses for smaller organisations including the changeover of welcome screens in receptions or aligning commercial spaces with branding and messaging from the client.

Included as part of the Caveman 3.1 software release, the feature demonstrates Tripleplay’s ongoing commitment to market leading IPTV, digital signage and video streaming solutions, a core tenet and motivating factor for IVC’s partnership with them. As a Tripleplay gold partner and ‘Integration Partner of the Year’, IVC is perfectly placed to help you implement their technology so contact us now to find out more.