Industry Insights

2 June 2023

IVC partner with Squared Paper integrating Busby platform

As audio visual integrators we work with many specialist partners from across the world who produce individual components, both hardware and software, that we integrate into overall system solutions. One such partner that we have been working with for some time is Squared Paper, a software systems provider working within the broadcast and media sector. We have been able to seamlessly integrate their ‘Busby’ platform into various customer solutions across multiple industries including Government body implementations.

The Busby platform is a state of the art cloud-based microservices and ESB toolkit for managing all aspects of a broadcast system, including creative workflows, scheduling, automation, project management and resource planning. With the Busby solution, teams of all sizes can collaborate seamlessly, stay on top of deadlines and keep track of resource utilisation.

For organisations looking to create or improve their current broadcast systems and processes, the busby platform is a great fit. Busby is a lightweight, broadcast specific implementation of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that allows the creation of a loosely coupled system architecture by providing a common communication platform for a set of choreographed micro-services.

Key features of the system include:

  • Core – Busby core links everything together by providing messaging, a microservices framework and a simple process to deploy software and services.
  • Alarms – Built upon core, Busby alarms allows for easy management and configuration changes to the system as well as system monitoring.
  • Workflow – The workflow module provides a system used to create and implement workflows using a variety of components including third party systems custom in-house processes.
  • Data – All Busby applications can communicate to the data service, allowing records of all workflow transitions, alarm triggers etc.
  • Control – Control allows manual control of any devices or services connected to Busby using virtual control panels.
  • Dashboards – The dashboards module is used to generate dashboards to display data on any size screen. The dashboards are automatically updated, meaning there is no need to refresh the page.

We have deployed the Busby platform in a wide range of solutions including the design of a remote contribution platform, enabling multiple video conferencing calls to be pulled into a broadcast session, archiving solutions and bespoke workflows.

IVC’s integration of the Busby platform enables clients to benefit from the rapid deployment of custom software designed to integrate with all aspects of a broadcast system. This in turn drives better process control, provides automation of various functions, improves resource management and productivity, enables greater flexibility and enhances transparency resulting in better outcomes.

It is vital to understand clients’ requirements before determining the best solution for their organisation’s needs. This is why IVC collaborates closely with all major stakeholders, including the IT team, end-users, system owner and key manufacturers to design and develop working systems that both improve current systems and workflows as well as streamlining processes and bringing powerful tools to the end-users who drive them. For further information on how the Busby platform might add value to your AV and broadcast systems, why not get in contact with us now.