Industry Insights

11 August 2023

Cloud Based Digital Signage

Digital signage is a means of communication utilising electronic displays to circulate information, advertisements or messages. Digital signage systems can be suited to any size organisation and setting, varying from corporate offices to large scale stadiums.

Digital signage is used across a wide range of markets including corporate, education, government, hospitality and stadia, giving companies the edge over their competitors in terms of delivering interactive communications, advertising and promoting brand awareness. IVC have designed and implemented digital signage solutions for many organisations such as Pallant House Gallery, Harlequins Rugby Football Club and Donington Park.

A more recent development in digital signage is cloud based management. Cloud-based digital signage offers a wealth of capabilities and benefits for organisations including easy centralised management of digital signage content where users can upload, schedule and update content remotely, ensuring consistent and timely display across multiple screens or locations. Users can also collaborate on content creation, share templates and manage permissions to ensure smooth collaboration and consistent branding across multiple locations.

The cloud infrastructure provides the flexibility to modify your digital signage network without significant hardware or infrastructure changes, meaning that there is flexibility and scalability to accommodate additional screens or locations as required. Monitoring of screen status, troubleshooting issues and making real time adjustments from the centrally managed Content Management System (CMS) are easily achieved, regardless of a user’s physical location.

Analytical and reporting tools featured within the CMS enable powerful analytics to be collected and analysed regarding the performance of your digital signage investment. Insights on viewer engagement, content effectiveness and screen performance are available and can in turn help organisations to optimise their signage strategy.

Exciting additional features that enhance user experiences and improve engagement levels include, way-finding, room booking, IPTV and interactive signage. Way-finding functionality allows users to navigate complex environments effortlessly, providing real-time directions, making it ideal for large venues like hospitals, stadiums and airports. Room booking integration enables seamless scheduling and management of spaces, streamlining the booking process and optimising resource utilisation in offices. IPTV capabilities bring live television broadcasting and on-demand content to the digital signage displays, creating versatile entertainment and information hubs site wide.

As experts in audio visual integration, we like to work with the best world-wide technologies to provide our customers with class leading solutions. One of our preferred partners for digital signage is Tripleplay with whom we have successfully worked closely for many years, leading to IVC being awarded Tripleplay’s ‘Integration Partner of the Year’ as well as Gold Partner status.

Tripleplay’s digital signage platform is available fully cloud-based providing better accessibility for organisations as no server hardware is required. This relieves organisations of the responsibility and cost of ongoing maintenance relating to on-premise servers, reducing the overall cost. Contact us now to find out how cloud based digital signage could add value to your organisation.