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High Speed Data Network at Wimbledon

We were requested by Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) to update the standard definition delivery of analogue television to high definition delivery of digital television across 2000 display screens. As well as managed signage services across a single platform, operating over the existing IT network (c.6000 endpoints) delivering VOIP and data services. This included multiple display types and sizes of both domestic and professional grade.

The greatest challenge was achieving perceived zero latency for the numerous commentary positions so the feeds would appear to be in real time. In addition, the equipment also needed to be silent in operation so it didn’t interfere with broadcast microphones and sound equipment. Due to the number of displays and other applications for the 117 video streams, coupled with the importance of the event, the system also needed to be cost effective per endpoint and include built-in redundancy.

We have provided the most contemporary and comprehensive monitoring facilities for broadcasters and media personnel, ensuring the very best quality of event coverage is available to millions of viewers, worldwide. The technology ensures that the AELTC’s information delivery systems for journalists and the media are second to none and perfectly suit the most iconic tennis venue in the world.

The solution we have integrated represents true unified communications with the delivery of broadcast technologies combined with audio visual solutions delivered over the client’s IT network infrastructure which is also used for VOIP, CCTV and data.  To achieve this target, we partnered with multiple vendors to create a unique customized solution achieved through collaboration, coupled with the vision of the AELTC’s technical team, to deliver the latest, state-of-the-art, IPTV / digital signage solution by Tripleplay.

“From the moment IVC were selected, they worked tirelessly with my team and me to bring to life their proposal. Numerous challenges came to light throughout the first phase, including challenges on hardware, PoE specifications and price. However, through open, honest and transparent discussions throughout the challenges, we worked through each in detail and established the most desirable outcome for us both. What has been delivered since the project landed has exceeded expectation, and through Kevin Quick, IVC’s technical lead to the AELTC, IVC continue to offer the highest level of service which we’re proud to be associated with”

Andreas Chrysanthou, IT Service Delivery Manager at the AELTC

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